Reporting road kill badgers

Sadly, many badgers are killed on our roads. However, reports of road kill (RTA) badgers contribute to our knowledge of badger distribution and behaviour. Reports are shared with the Give Badgers a Brake campaign and Project Splatter.

Important: With the introduction of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we have changed the way we collect and share reports. To comply with our strict privacy and data sharing policy, we no longer ask for your contact details on road kill reports. If you’d like to discuss your report, or you require a response from us, please contact us.

Click here to report setts and live badgers

Click here to report badgers in Britain

Please use this form to report Northern Ireland road kill reports only.

If badger is injured, call the USPCA on 028 3025 1000 or a local vet

Road kill badger report form

Location address: Road name, county, postcode & nearest house number where applicable

Location details/directions

Please give detailed description e.g.1Km from village. 30 metres past Esso filling station on left verge travelling to Belfast.

Condition of carcase

Fresh, bloated, watery, smelly, mutilated, decomposed.

Map reference required

(10 figure OSG preferred)

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Date and time of sighting

Upload photograph