Our statement in response to the Northern Ireland Bovine TB Strategy report:

The Northern Ireland Badger Group is disappointed and dismayed that the NI Strategic Partnership Group has recommended culling badgers in the province. The evidence is clearer than ever that bovine TB can only be tackled successfully by effective infection control in cattle using improved testing, better compliance and through greater awareness.

Continuing to scapegoat badgers is a pointless and expensive strategy that will do nothing to tackle bovine TB in cattle or wildlife. We oppose badger culling and will continue to champion an effective bovine TB strategy built on robust evidence and not assumptions or prejudice.

We would remind everyone that badgers remain a protected species and that wilfully or recklessly harming badgers or their setts is a criminal offence. Any suspicious activity should be reported to the Police Service of Northern Ireland by calling 101.

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Bovine TB

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Dominic Dyer, CEO, Badger Trust