The Northern Ireland Badger Group is an entirely volunteer-led group working to promote the conservation, protection, welfare and better understanding of badgers.

The Group provides advice on all badger issues and works closely with Government, the police and other conservation and welfare organisations. We use all lawful means to campaign for the protection of badgers and are affiliated to the Badger Trust and Eurobadger.

Although badgers are one of our most popular native mammals, they still face persecution from from a minority of individuals in our society. We work to engender a greater understanding of badgers and their needs.

Our group maintains its independence by operating on a strictly voluntary basis. It does not carry out paid consulting work nor does it seek or accept funding from commercial or government sources. Our activities are financed by our supporters and fundraising events.

Anyone who shares the group’s aims can become involved in our work. If you are interested in becoming a member please apply here

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